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Helping companies generate revenue, automate sales cycles, and increase customer lifetime value using digital marketing.
Most businesses will regret using outdated marketing methods that tend to be loud, impersonal and annoying. Watch the video to learn more.
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Frustrated with all the online marketing noise without having provable results?
We are a growth-driven digital marketing agency partnering with overwhelmed marketing directors and business owners to take the burden of developing and executing a successful online and social media marketing strategy off of your shoulders. 
Social Media & Search Advertising
Reach of your target audience with both search engine and social media marketing. Have your ads managed on multiple platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Snapchat & Bing.
Website & Funnel Design
Too many businesses make the mistake of directing internet traffic at home pages that create a confusing experience.  Funnels complement your main site and drive inbound growth. Period.
Customer Nurture Automation
Create an experience of customer delight with ease using email marketing and chat bot integration following our winning formula of indoctrination, value messages, and making irresistible offers.
“Digital Marketing is not just an activity to 'WOW' your online presence; it is an investment of valuable time and resources. Surround yourself with experts who want to support your business long term." -Dan Ryder
Digital Marketing Growth
Why Partner With A Digital Marketing Growth Agency?
You love your business. You love to do what you set up shop to do. What you don't love is marketing. Bringing in new business is difficult. There are so many options for marketing, and no time to explore them. All you know is that you need to do something or you won't be doing what you do much longer.
There's one less hat that you have to wear...

Enter Media Marketer Pro. When this digital marketing agency began, our founder had one goal in mind: to help business owners who are frustrated with the lack of success from their online efforts.

Sound familiar?
Media Marketer Pro has helped our clients increase traffic, leads, and sales for businesses just like yours. How do we do it? It all starts a proper digital marketing growth strategy.
What's A Digital Marketing Growth Strategy?
Remember the days when a customer would walk into a store completely unaware of the product they were purchasing? They'd allow the salesperson to educate them and then guide their decision making process.
Those days are over. The customer now controls the buying process with access to an overwhelming amount of information online. (Like it or not.) Today's buyer is more informed than they have ever been.
 When they have a problem, they search Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
 Without speaking to you, they compare products and services.
 They form opinions about your company by reading online reviews of your customers.
 They shop around for the best prices. 
The hardest part of this situation to swallow... they may have done it all at 2 a.m. this morning.
You can't keep a brick and mortar open all day and all night, nor can you afford to pay an employee for those hours. What you can do, is have a website and funnel that provides all of that information to your potential customer. But that alone is not enough... No, you must also command attention with your brand, products, and services.

Positioning with a purposeful traffic strategy in front of your ideal prospect... a strategy that includes relevant messaging for prospects in all phases of the buying cycle... is what produces consistent growth for any business.  It's like having a digital salesperson who works 24/7.

This is the power of a digital marketing growth strategy.

Your online presence has become one of the largest aspects of the customer's buying journey and it must address the problems and needs that your ideal customers are facing. It should be filled with helpful content that will educate your potential customers and answer their questions before they've asked them. 

When a potential customer finds your website (because of the quality content you've created or through paid traffic acquisition), the goal is to provide enough relevant content that they not only stay on your website, but also see you as a resource and an authority in your industry. The experience also needs to be free of confusion to allow them to take the desired action you want in your business (this is where funnels come in).

Keep in mind that just because technology has become an integral part in the buying process, doesn't mean that human connection is no longer necessary. In fact, relating to your customers and building trust has become even more important.
What's The Difference Between A Digital Marketing Growth Strategy vs. Traditional Advertising?
Every day, consumers see examples of traditional advertising. In fact, they see over 2000 examples of outbound advertisements... and they're getting really good at tuning them out. This type of marketing includes cold calls, radio and TV advertising, billboards, email blasts, trade shows, etc. and is not only costly, but ineffective. It's more of a push out to potential customers and for the most part, they aren't paying attention.
A digital marketing growth strategy, on the other hand, is more of a pull in.  It includes creating useful advertisements that both create a connection and offer value through content on social media, advertorials, and education-based sales mechanisms that attract your ideal clients to your brand.  With relevant targeting, your advertisements are perceived as solutions to their problems... instead of a pushy ad.

There are 4 aspects to a digital marketing growth campaign. They include:
 Content & Branding: Create useful information for your ideal customers with a recognizable brand
 Social Media Marketing: Leverage social ads and share your content across different platforms to attract your ideal clients
 Search Engine Marketing (SEM): Be visible quickly in search engines (like Google) so customers can find you fast
 Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Increase your ranking in search engines (like Google) to benefit from long term growth
As a growth marketer, you are responsible for attracting, engaging, and delighting your customers. This is how you build rapport, engender trust, and create happy (and returning) customers.
Our Growth Marketing Solutions May Include:
 Funnel Design, Copywriting, and Content Marketing
 Facebook Advertising and Social Media Marketing
 Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC): Google/Bing Ads and SEM
 Marketing Automation and Remarketing/Retargeting
And many more...
Dan Ryder
President, Media Marketer Pro
I started this company to help business owners who are frustrated because they feel they should be getting more from their digital marketing efforts. It doesn't pay to juggle all of the aspects of online marketing, especially when you feel like you are wearing too many hats. Our goal is to be the relief valve by employing a system that allows you to get in front of your customers before your competition even knows they exist. 
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